Payment Options

Payment can now be made with your credit card over the phone. Alternatively, you can pay via EFT (electronic funds transfer) using details provided on your invoice.

File Transfer Arrangements

With any of the following transfer arrangements, if you have concerns about the security of your files, you can use a variety of freely available software packages to encrypt the files prior to forwarding them.  You can then advise Media Forensics of the decryption key or password via another means i.e. separate email, SMS, or phone call.

Postal service or Courier

This is the simplest method, but also the slowest and least secure. It is highly recommended to use Registered Mail to track your package when sending your CD/DVD Disc, USB device or Tape media to Media Forensics.  Sending original material via postal services is definitely not recommended in case of lost, stolen or undelivered mail. We can advise and assist in the best way of producing a copy of the media so that it will not impact on the media’s metadata.

Email Attachment

Provided the file is within the size limits set by your (or my) Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is the quickest and simplest method.  Encrypt the file prior to attaching if you have concerns about security.

Dropbox  (or similar)

Upload and download files via a secure shared online (cloud) folder.   Dropbox  is run by and provides a high level of encryption to the shared folders and only email addressees invited by the originator of the shared folder (i.e. Media Forensics) can access the folder and contents.  This is the most popular method as it is quick and easy to set up and a large amount of files can be shared almost instantly.However, large files can be slow to upload depending upon your internet speeds and congestion on the network and may take several hours to complete. Please ensure the upload/download is completed before accessing or attempting to move the files. Files can be encrypted prior to uploading to us if you have concerns about security. Please call for further information

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP is a well established method of transferring/copying files from one computer to another. Unless Secure FTP is utilised, data is sent in the clear and can be compromised.  Media Forensics will arrange for an FTP account log-in on our own FTP Server. Setting up a SFTP data transfer does involve a small degree of complexity and is better suited to organisations with IT support staff that can assist with the configuration.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

 Media Forensics will arrange an encrypted VPN connection pathway and an FTP account log-in on your request. This is the most secure method, but is also the most complex to undertake and more suited to organisations with appropriately skilled IT support staff.

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