Digital Image Fingerprints

by Gordon. Posted in Video Forensics

Did you know that all imaging systems e.g. cameras, scanners, smart phones leave a unique digital fingerprint that is retrievable from the image file produced by the system.

The same also applies to editing applications such as Adobe Photoshot etc.

Forensic analysis of the digital file’s fingerprint can lead to the authentication and verification of the use of a specific camera and/or software editing application.

A camera’s sensor electrical responses to incoming light (photons) will occur in very specific and consistent ways.  This in conjuction with microscopic physical irregularities in the manufacturing processes produce measurable behavioral differences and sensor pattern noise.

A popular (amongst digital image forensic geeks anyway) software application that is used to assist in the identification and authentication process  provides a database of more than 75,000 signatures covering over 2,600 camera models and devices.