Video Forensic Enhancement

AudioVideoVideo and CCTV Enhancement

The careful application of Video Forensics , CCTV and Video enhancement can maximise the evidentiary value of your digital video and CCTV recordings. Media Forensics provides advanced non-destructive and repeatable forensic analysis and reporting for all video formats. This includes post-production processing and enhancement of surveillance and covert device recordings. We deliver an easy to follow, readable, comprehensive report in PDF format for court and/or client presentation.

Digital Video Recording Procedures

A digital video recording may require replaying and re-digitising in an uncompressed format during the extraction process on many digital cameras magnetic tapes or Hard Disk Drives (HDD). Often the output of a digital camera recorder will be in a compressed format which will restrict our ability to enhance the imagery. As digital video file formats and physical media can vary greatly, please contact us to further discuss your needs and our capabilities. We can assist you to create a working copy of your original digital image file and in creating a Hash file for you to hold to later establish authenticity of the finished product.

We can assist you in your configurations and provide directions to enable your successful and secure upload. Media Forensics will provide secure and confidential storage of your material whilst undertaking the work requested to provide you with the outputs (e.g. paper print or digital file) in a format and media type of your choice in a timely manner.

Analogue Video Tape Handling

Analogue video tapes are getting scarce, but occasionally pop up.  These are replayed, digitised and captured using up to the highest quality 10 bit uncompressed 1080HD video (1.5Gb/sec). If the tapes are in need of repair or cleaning, this is done prior to the digitisation process. Once the recording is in an uncompressed digital file format we can undertake to recover, restore and/or extract the information you require. As each case will differ in time and effort, please contact us for further information. A Hash file would then be created from the digital file for you to hold to later establish authenticity of the finished product.

Forensic Enhancement Capabilities

Video , CCTV and Still Image Forensic enhancement capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Tracking and Stabilising Images or Frames focused on desired subjects.
  • Crop and resize to desired objects.
  • Enhance entire video or selected frames.
  • Associate and align audio tracks to video.
  • Read, convert and write from and to almost any video codec and media format.
  • Deblurring, sharpening and deinterlacing.
  • Noise, dust, scratch and pattern interference reduction.
  • Obscuring (redacting) by pixelation and/or blurring of unwanted images, objects or areas e.g. faces, number plates, identifying personal features.
  • Multiple frame image averaging and integration.
  • Photogrammetry, object height and position measurements.
  • Chroma, luminance, hue and saturation corrections.
  • Selective colour and lighting adjustments to highlight object of interest.
  • Lighting, shadow, highlight adjustments.
  • Playback speed adjustments.
  • Adding or removing of closed captioning and logos.
  • Rendering and blending.
  • Perspective and Transform adjustments to fix skew, lens distortion, obscure angle distortion.
  • Seamless image stitching / panorama views.